I’m home now …

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On August 20, 2012

Got my first trip in the GTI ….  what a bore …. (I would walk faster backwards …. in my nappie) …  They even put me in the back where I could see nuffin …   some things gotta change around here  !

Just in the door when they start talkin’    ’bout  movin’  … new place sounds cool


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My First Post

My First Post

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..me again …

      Hi All,     Not a lot happening really.   Havin' a 'bad hair day', I think I will just roll over for another snooze ...   See ya soon  

My first post

Hi all,  this is my very first blog. After all I am only twee  (twee days that is) . I do not know a lot about blogging yet, but I guess that my mam and dad will show me ... I hear the nurse coming now, maybe she is not big into babies blogging in the baby ward  🙂 ,...


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